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Travelettes of Bangladesh-ভ্রমণকন্যা is the first & largest female online traveling organisation in Bangladesh with 55,000+ female members which aims at empowering women through traveling.It has already conducted 83 events with direct participation of 5000+ travelettes.It has arranged the first Travel & Travelettes photography exhibition in the country for three consecutive years Under this organisation.The two founders of Travelettes of Bangladesh-ভ্রমণকন্যা , Dr.Sakia Haque & Dr.Manoshi Saha along with 2 pillions have travelled all across the country under the program “Narir chokhe Bangladesh-নারীর চোখে বাংলাদেশ” for the first time in the history of Bangladesh with two motorbikes.Where they arranged workshop in two or more schools in each district & talked with the students about menstrual health,self defense,our liberation war & Bangladesh.Now they are also conducting the extended version of this program.