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World Menstrual Health Day-28th May

‘Travelettes of Bangladesh- ভ্রমণকন্যা’ is one of the largest organizations which is working for women’s empowerment in Bangladesh.

On the occasion of World Menstrual Health Day on 28th May,  Travelettes family is celebrating a week-long program (22th-28th May) through various events. In order to create awareness about the fact that “Menstrual is normal”, among general people, the volunteers of travelettes have already performed placard and photography exhibitions all over the 64 districts of the country.

The travelettes family has also arranged a month long poster design competition on menstrual health. Which has ended on 25th of May. Prominent cartoonist and writer Ahsan Habib, gynecologist Dr. Naushin Sharmin Purabi, Dr. Debabrata Aich Majumder, and Prothom Alo Illustrator Specialist Arafat Karim are the judges of this competition. The winners of this competition will be awarded with interested gifts books, certificate etc.


On the 1st day, of the week-long event, the founders of this organization Dr. Manoshi Saha and Dr. Sakia Haque attended an introductory episode and discussed about menstrual health.

On the 2nd day, Dr. Shahla Khatun Ma’am, national professor of gynecology , attended the program and discussed in details about various complications of menstruation.


On the 3rd day, the Travelettes family continued their discussion with various professionally successful  women of the country. They shared their views about menstrual health.

On the next two days, the event took a different turn. In these two days, 10 renowned organizations of Bangladesh such as, Wreetu, With She, who works for mensSakiyhealth attended the event. The representatives of these organizations introduced themselves and their organizations. They also discussed about menstrual health.

The sixth day was much fun as the prominent Author and cartoonist Ahsan Habib sir, gynecologist Dr. Naushin Sharmin Purabi ma’am, Dr. Debabrata Aich Majumdar and Prothom Alo illustrator specialist Arafat karim sir joined the discussion.

At last the week-long program end on the 7th day, which is today May,28. In this final discussion 6 international organizations from different countries and the honorable chief guest will attend the event.

International organizations are “Meri Body” (India), “Team Free Sanitary Pads” (South Africa), “Bulan Sisters” (Malaysia), “Love Your Menses” (Boston, USA), “The Flow Game” (Nigeria), and “Parlons Menstrues” (The Democratic Republic of Congo).

The chief guest was Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury (Honorable Speaker, Bangladesh Parliament).

Founder Dr. Manoshi Saha and Dr. Sakia Haque have informed us, ” Through celebrating World Menstrual Health Day-28th May “, we are trying to create awareness among general people. We work for women empowerment. In order to do that, we have taken several initiatives. One of them is “NARIR CHOKHE BANGLADESH” (Bangladesh through the eyes of women). Through this project we have already completed many interactive workshops with more than 23 thousand school-going students. In these workshops we educate them about important topics like Bangladesh, the liberation war of Bangladesh, reproductive health, self-defense techniques, food and nutrition and environment.

Through female empowerment and by removing  superstitions Travelettes of Bangladesh- ভ্রমণকন্যা family wants to create a humanitarian Bangladesh.”

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