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Travel Fest & Photography Exhibition 2023

ভ্রমণকন্যা-Travelettes of Bangladesh is a group that aims to promote traveling and gender equality all over the country. The group is currently on its 7th Year with 85,000 females. With this occasion in mind & to encourage traveling among everyone we have arranged an international photography competition (Open for ALL) and exhibition for the Fourth time.
Both males and females are highly encouraged to participate in our photography Competition & visit the exhibition.
➡Date of Exhibition: 1st August -7th August
➡Venue: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
Details for submitting your works:
➡Details for submitting photographs : (OPEN FOR ALL)

                       Photos will be exhibited on two categories:

➡Category 1: General
Sub-Category 1.1: General (DSLR)
Sub-Category 1.2: General (Mobile)
➡Category 2: Happiness
Sub-Category 2.1: Happiness (DSLR)
Sub-Category 2.2: Happiness (Mobile)
➡Each photographer can submit up to 5 photos per category for primary selection.
➡Both Colour and Black-White photos can be submitted.

                            ——–HOW and WHERE to SUBMIT——-

• Each participant can submit a maximum of 5 photos per category.So,20 photos in total.
• Minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable, as is cropping. •Manipulation is strictly prohibited              will not be accepted for judging.
• Photos must be in JPEG or JPG format and must be at least 3000 pixels on the longer side and of resolution                      300dpi. Each photograph has to be at least 5 MB.
• Both Color and Black & White (Monochrome) Photographs are allowed.
• Digital framed, Copyright Watermarked pictures won’t be eligible for selection

➡Rename your photos like –
“Name_Mobile No_Category_Sub-category_Title_Location of the photo
For Example – “Abir_01*********_1_1.1_Peace_Bangladesh ”
Add a doc file with Your name, Institution, phone number, Category you are participating, Device model and email address.
Send your photos through email to –
***After submitting photos, post on the event with your email address for submission confirmation***

                            TERMS & CONDITIONS:

1. The photograph must be the sole work of the participant. By entering, the participant confirms that the photograph is not infringed on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity and that no other party has any right, title, and claim in the photograph.
2. Submission of photos exhibited previously is strongly discouraged.
3. Photographers will be notified about the registration process, fees and deadlines after the result is published. If any ‘selected’ photographer fails to complete the registration process within the registration deadline his/her photographs will be disqualified.
4. The photograph must not contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.
5. In the case of selling exhibited photographs the percentage between photographers and Travelettes of Bangladesh will be 50/50.
6. Travelettes of Bangladesh holds the right to examine the authenticity of the photograph/source material in order to confirm compliance with these rules.
7.  Travelettes of Bangladesh can publish and use the photo on their website & social media.
Registration will be Produced for Selected Photos
Camera photos: 1200 BDT (per selected photograph)
Mobile Photos: 1000 BDT (per selected photograph) (Registration Process will be applied for selected photos only)
Registration Fee collection process will be informed soon. After selection, photographers will be contacted via message /call.
➡Last date for primary submission: 30 May 2023
                              For ভ্রমণকন্যা magazine: (ONLY FOR GIRLS )
Any woman can submit her travel story or experience in Bangla or in English. The selected stories will be published in our magazine with courtesy. You are also encouraged to write about important topics related to womanhood and traveling. You may add pictures to your write-ups to make them more presentable.
One can submit one or more write-ups for the upcoming 5th Issue of our magazine.
Details of submitting your story:-
→You have to send the write-up in .doc /.docx file.
→Mention your Name, profession, Contact number, and Email address at the end of the writing.
→Add a separate doc file Mentioning Name, Profession, and Phone number.
→Writing Without a proper name and contact number will be disqualified.
→Writing needs to be within 2000-2500 word
Mail for submitting written works:
Last date of submission: 30 May 2023

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